DIN2391 Precision Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Carton Pipe&Tube

The product is cold rolled by internal and external mould. High precision, smooth inner and outer wall of steel pipe. Greatly reduce processing time to improve processing efficiency and reduce material waste. Material size can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Production range (outer diameter 4mm-325mm) * (inner hole 1mm-310mm) unlimited material.

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1. Smaller outside diameter. 2. High precision can do small batch production 3. Cold drawing (rolling) finished products with high precision and good surface quality. 4. The cross area of steel pipe is more complex. 5. The performance of steel pipe is superior, and the metal is relatively dense.Precision steel tube is a kind of high precision steel tube material processed by cold drawing or cold rolling. Because the inner and outer wall of precision steel pipe has no oxide layer, no leakage under high pressure, high precision, high finish, no deformation in cold bending, flaring, flattening and no cracks, it is mainly used to produce pneumatic or hydraulic components, such as cylinder or oil cylinder, can be seamless pipe, but also welded pipe (after cold rolling treatment).High precision cold drawing precision steel tube is a new kind of steel tube, its main characteristic is high precision. There are usually two kinds of production processes of two high rolling mills and three high rolling mills. The precision of three high rolling mills to produce cold rolled seamless steel tubes is higher, which can be controlled within a few threads, but the price is relatively higher Application of high precision cold drawn precision steel tube to save steel, improve the processing efficiency and save energy High precision cold drawn seamless steel tube refers to the inner and outer diameter size accuracy (tolerances) strictly, both inside and outside surface roughness, roundness, straight degree good, can greatly save the machining time, improve material utilization, at the same time to improve the quality of the product.

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