Steel hollow laser engraving

Laser engraving processing is based on the use of NUMERICAL control technology, laser processing media. The physical denaturation of the melting and gasification of the processed material under the irradiation of laser engraving can make the laser engraving achieve the purpose of processing. Laser engraving is the use of laser technology to write text on an object. This technology produces no marks, the surface of the object remains smooth, and the writing does not wear.

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Laser engraving processing is based on the use of NUMERICAL control technology, laser processing media. Processing materials under laser irradiation instant melting and gasification of physical degeneration, to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser processing features: no contact with the surface of the material, not affected by mechanical movement, the surface will not be deformed, generally without fixing. Not affected by the elasticity and flexibility of the material, convenient to process soft materials. High processing accuracy, fast speed, wide application.
Surface treatment PVD coating, Anodize with many different colors, Chrome plating with flash looking
Heat treatment Annealing, Normalizing, tempering, Quenching,quenching and High temperature tempering ,High frequency heat treatment,Tenifer QPQ and etc.
Machine Accuracy +/-0.005mm~ Inspection Accuracy: +/-0.003mm~
Equipments a) CNC Machining Center
b) CNC Turning and Milling
c ) Surface grinder , Inside and outside round grinder
d) Electric spark machine
e) CNC Punching Machine
f)Laser cutting machine
g) Precision Cutting Machines
h) Argon Welding Machines and Carbon dioxide protection welding
m)NC Bending Machine
Drawing file format DXF,DWG,IGS,STP,PDF.
Preferred Industries a) Communication Equipments
b) Medical Equipments
c) Ship accessories
d) Electronic hardware accessories
e) Mechanical Equipments
f) Other customized Parts
Customized size and spec /OEM available
Wide range: carbon dioxide laser can be carved on almost any non-metallic material. And cheap! Safe and reliable: non-contact processing, no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material. No "knife mark", does not harm the surface of the workpiece; Will not make the material deformation; Precision and meticulous: the processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm; Environmental saving: light beam and spot diameter is small, generally less than 0.5mm; Cutting processing to save materials, safety and health; Consistent effect: ensure the same batch of processing effect is completely consistent. High speed and fast: engraving and cutting can be carried out immediately according to the computer output drawings. Low cost: not limited by the number of processing, for small batch processing services, laser processing is cheaper

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