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Threaded smoke pipe is applied in boiler. After heat exchange and flow resistance optimization, the heat transfer of a threaded smoke pipe is equivalent to 1.7-1.8 ordinary smoke pipes of the same size. This not only makes the number of smoke tube significantly reduced, but also can reduce the diameter of the pot shell, therefore, the pressure element steel consumption is significantly reduced, saving steel, reduce the cost.

Products Details

Material Mallebale iron pipe fittings A1907
Standard Thread:BSPT(ISO 7/1),NPT(ASME B16.3)
Physical Property Tensile strength>=350Mpa,Elongation>=10%,Hardness<=150HB
Working Pressure 1.6MPa
Model Elbow,Tees,Crosses,Bends,Unions,Bushing,Lateral Braches,Sockets,Nipples,Hexagon/Round,Caps,Plugs,Locknuts,Flanges,Side outlet Tees,Side Outlet Elbows and etc
Connection Male,Female
Certificate CE,AS4020,BSI,ANAB,ISO9001,FM,UL
SIZE Fittings available from 3/8 – 4″ | DN15 – DN100
Application Suitable for fire piping system,air,gas,oil and so on
Package Cartons with pallet
  Double woven bags
Delivery Details According to the quantities and specifications of each order
  Normal delivery times is from 30 to 45 days after receiving the deposit
Threaded pipe is a kind of spiral heat conduction pipe with inner convex and outer concave on the pipe wall. Since the publication of the first academic report of boiler threaded pipe in 1966, threaded pipe has attracted great attention as an efficient heat exchange element. At present, it has been more and more widely used in China.In the application of air conditioning and refrigeration industry, compared with the general smooth light tube, the heat transfer surface area is more than 1.5-2.0, which greatly improves the flow mode of refrigerant, and strengthens the boiling and condensation heat transfer effect in the tube. The refrigerant produces spiral propulsion through the internal thread, reducing its pressure loss by more than 50%. Manufacturing needs to expand pipe, welding and other processing technology is the same as ordinary pipe. So that the air conditioner is small and light, compared with the light tube, the weight of the pipe can be saved about one third. Operation saves electricity and cost. In the application of heat exchange equipment, steel tube or stainless steel tube is rolled once by the machine tool, the scaling on the surface of the spiral tube is spiral, and the temperature change in the operation of the equipment makes the tube expand and shrink, so the scaling layer can fall off by itself; The scale layer of the light tube is a cylinder without any self - stripping force. It has been widely used in power plant condenser and boiler auxiliary heat exchange system and is the ideal choice to replace the light tube and copper tube. Threaded tubes (twisted tubes or patterned tubes) used in arts and crafts, such as the yellow argyle handrails in passenger cars, are new examples.

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